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Sunday, 30 January 2011

Redpoll upon Redpoll

They continue to come.... Lessers and the single Mealy. A garden record count of 42 arrived at the feeding station mid week although I am certain I missed even more high up in the trees. The milder weather is now slowing the feeding down after the initial early morning burst, with more natural food available only a handful are staying around and about for any length of time, of course as the day draws on the main flock come back for a top up before going to roost.

Mealy Redpoll

Lesser Redpoll

If I am really lucky they should stay around until very early April before flying back North.
All the images are from the garden weekend of January 29th & 30th 2011


Sondra said...

SUPER shots of a super bird--thats an impressive number- 42!

Dave said...

Cheers Dixie, these birds have been here since early Noveber and the numbers have just been steadily rising week on week. Makes you realise how lucky you are. Indeed a quality species that I have got to understand bit more as the winter has passed. It isintresting to note that I have a few ringed birds inthis flock as well, it would be good to know where they have come from. Cheers for the nice comment.