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Monday, 25 July 2011

Red Kites

A once yearly pilgrimage to mid Wales is always eargerly anticipated..... this years spectacle was no less rewarding than previous years....  a gentle reminder to my self  "Make the trip in the snowy winter for full effect of rufous reds against snowy white backdrops......"

Gigrin farm is now an official Red Kite rehabilitation and feeding centre. 400+ Kites may travel from upto 50 miles away for an afternoon top up of prime beef.... throw in some Buzzards, Ravens and Carrion Crows and the spectacle unfolds during any afternoon if you ever choose to visit this remarkable place.

A quick google of Gigrin Farm will give you all the details you need, but basically from a single pair of visiting Kites chancing their luck for scraps on a sheep farm to todays incredible daily numbers is quite an acheivement.

On Saturday around 200-250 birds came to feed... the following images are an out-take of a wonderful afternoons entertainment with a true aerial magician



Squadren Leader

the hunter

Low flying

mid air refuel


aerial attack


theconstantwalker said...

A wonderful spectacle Dave...
I first saw the Kites in Mid-Wales in 1992 and have been fortunate enough to see them close to home.
Brilliant images .

FAB said...

A spectacular series. Well done Dave.