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Monday, 8 October 2012

Red Kite: Garden Life Bird No 71

A warm autumn morning and a few hours to kill before I go to work..... sat on the patio with a cuppa (..... Tea), binoculars to hand and a field guide to the birds of South Africa, studying for next years trip!
I tend to always watch the sky when in and around the garden, just looking for what may or may not be about. I thought at first it was a distant Buzzard, always welcome above my house and always gives me that feel good factor... however I squinted a little more and grabbed the bins and blow me we have a RED KITE!  I just had enough time to grab this shot before it drifted out of sight
This is certainly a garden mega around these parts so very very happy indeed. And as the title suggests it is a new garden life bird and it comes in at species No. 71

Happy Days.


Mary Howell Cromer said...

Very cool looking Red Kite!!!

Adam Jones said...

Great stuff Dave. I've dreamt of one drifting over my own garden or Old Hall Farm.