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Saturday, 18 September 2010

A matter of life and death

and thats just in the garden..... Early morning on the lawn shows a struggle..... of great proportion. Near the feeders are small feathers scattered, further along more feathers this time bigger, Damn! its the purple Feral Pigeon, one of my favs. Ferals come in all sorts of colours... purples, browns, whites but mostly grey. I had a soft spot for this feral pigeon only for the fact it was different... well purple, I have a soft spot for the brown one too. They roost on the middlewood way under the road bridges that criss cross the cycle track below. This one has met an end via one of the Local Sparrowhawks. A large female normally patrols in the area and often glides thorugh the garden and perches in a fir tree ready to spring a suprise attack, but recently a male and juvenile have made a few visits, especially early mornings. I wonder if this is one of those?.... meanwhile life goes on for the other garden regulars, and 5 more ferals patrol the lawn, maybe missing its pal, but probably still looking for a juicy morsal

Ok, it has been back to finish breakfast.... for over 2 hrs. It looks like a young female Sparrowhawk.

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