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Sunday, 26 September 2010

A very "Nutty" Weekend

Well 5 days running and the pair of Nuthatchs are still here..... Great fun to watch. They have even been brave enough to feed close to the house on the patio.
however I have yet so capture the male & female in the same frame.... lets call it work in progress. I like the following image with the nicely caught blink of an eye!

Of course the other regulars are still in good numbers and busy during the day, especially with the slightly cooler nights

then there is this lady..... she has actually got a very poorly hind leg, looks like tree burns from the climbing.

She has been a bit of a nightmare recently with burying the largest acorns you can imagine all over the lawn, as soon as you turn your back she scurrys down, however peeking out of the tree here she does look cute.

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