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Monday, 29 November 2010

Temperatures fall but no snow yet....

Brrrr..... wrap up warm and stay local was the best I could do this weekend. Both Poynton Pool and Higher Poynton canal were both frozen (and look like being so for a while now as the nightly lows reach around -8c). Plenty of Gulls on the pool with a nice couple of Common Gulls in with the Black Headed.

However the gulls didnt take all the limelight, as a couple of Kingfishers flew from one side of the pool to the other, fishing in the sheltered parts under the tree branches that shade parts of the waters edge

The Grey Heron didnt fancy being on camera! so it retreated to a quieter corner

Plenty of woodland birds along the pathways including a small flock of Long Tail Tits

and an inquisitive Wren

whilst this mother and Juvenile Morehen forage for morsals on a less slippery surface

up at the Canal the usual Mallards made use of the very little water that wasnt frozen

 and along the towpath berries are still in abundance, as are the Thrushes. Good numbers of Mistle Thrush guarding the food laden trees

from the dozen or so nervous Redwings that were easily chased off

Other local birds were very visible while foraging for food in the sub zero conditions

now for the new Garden visitors when the snow eventually arrives!!

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Pam said...

Some lovely photos there - especially the Wren and Dunnock!