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Monday, 6 December 2010

White out

The Cat & Fiddle road had been closed for best part of a week so when news came through that the road was now open I decided on Sunday morning to try and get some Red Grouse images. I was met by thickening fog and very heavy damp air..... not the best siyuation for getting photographs. Add a closed track that crosses Axe Edge moor, It didnt bode well..... the gates may have been open but certainly no access, I didnt fancy treking on foot, its bleak on there at the best of times

Anway I percevered for an hour or so in hope that the Grouse would come to me, although they didnt come and shake my hand they gave good views even if a little distant. At one point 13 Grouse flew over my car as I parked up. However the only shots I was able to use were of a couple that ventured just close enough.

The fog eventually forced me off the moorland. Further down the only wildlife were a few Carrion Crows and a single Raven. The not so wildlife are hardy old souls, and this sheep was more than happy to see me as he bounded down the hillside

as were these Red Deer that were all huddled together on a farm lower down the valley

This if fabulous walking country... just not today!

you just dont know how deep the flurrys could be....


theconstantwalker said...

Great photos of a lovely area Dave. There used to be some fantastic old pictures in the Setter Dog pub at Walker Barn of really deep snow drifts up there. Unfortunatly the pub (and it's photos) like lots of other rural hostelries in the UK is now lost forever....a real shame.

Dave said...

Thanks Andrew. Ah the Setter Dog, good memories.
Just a few yards further on by the polo mint, we as kids used to go sledging down the hill while the parents slipped into the Setter Dog to keep warm :)