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Monday, 7 January 2013

Scottish Sparrowhawk project! Have I seen the bird?

An intresting observation in the garden today. A male Sparrowhawk landed in the feeder tree, nothing unusual about this as I have a male visit very regularly. However today I noticed this bird had a ring on its right leg. What was really unusual was the ring colour..... WHITE. It would normally be a metal BTO ring, I could clearly see this was indeed white. I let my local birding group know who commented that they didnt know of any local ringing clubs using white.

Well after a little googling I came across this Sparrowhawk ringing project edinburghhawkwatch

So my new garden visitor may have been born and ringed 225 miles away in Edinbugh Scotland. Now I know I can not be 100% sure without seeing the number \ letter ID combination on the ring, but best guess is this is a Scottish project bird.

Needless to say I hope it returns to allow me the chance of getting the scope on the leg ring. I have advised the project of my sighting.

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