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Thursday, 28 March 2013

Bewicks Swans

A phone call as I got ready for work to say 2 Bewick's Swans on my patch. Hopping to the car with bins in one hand, camera over the shoulder and a right shoe still not tied I dived in the car put the  phone on speaker to receive the exact location and off I drove in a general direction of Woodford....... 5 minutes later directions received I was parked up.

Now remember I am ready for work,  shoes on (now tied)... not Boots! I jump over a style, master the quick step across two very muddy fields and hey presto!

A good image for ID purposes Vs the similar Whooper Swan. Smaller rounded head shorter neck and smaller yellow beak patch

Whooper Swan for comparison (Taken at Martin Mere)
A few ramblers were heading this way, the swans got nervous and sure enough they flew

I managed all but a brilliant 5 minutes with them before they flew off probably back to Arctic Russia, but that's not a bad way to spend a few moments before going to work! even with muddy trousers and shoes.


Rebecca said...

Love the "in flight" shots! Great post...

Anonymous said...

I hope they are coming here to our lake for nesting instead Russia :)
But not yet, the lakes have their ice covers still until May.
But nice to see that they are on their way here.
Good weekend to you!
( I want to ask, have you visit few years ago also Joensuu and Koli ? )

Dave said...

When I visit in May this will have been my first ever visit. Also heading to Kuusamo, Ivalo and into Norway to Varangerfjord.

Stewart M said...

I think an "on the way to work" bird it worth twice an "in a nature reserve bird!"

Well done.

Cheers - Stewart M - Melbourne