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Thursday, 4 April 2013

One morning and Two ticks

It was nice to get two new birds this week. well actually on the same morning and about 500yrds apart. Life, UK, County and year ticks all in the bag with an American Wigeon and a Water Pipit.

The Water Pipit ensured that it would be fairly easy in as much as it has been seen on a daily basis for a week or two, however when I arrived it took an hour for it to show itself..... lucky for me that I gave myself those extra 5 minutes.

Water Pipit - Neston Sewage works

a few hundred yards away on a distant pool was my second lifer of the morning, this time way too far off for images, although I did try! American Wigeon at Denhall Quay, Neston.



Linda said...

Lovely photos.

Anonymous said...

Hello Dave!
I hope all snow will melt also in Kuusamo before you go there :) It`s melting now rapidly here in Joensuu which is located over 400 km more southern than Kuusamo.
I hope your trip will be rewarding and nice in every way!
Our son will bike in the end of July from London to Edinburgh and back. I think he is too crazy with his friends :)
He was nine years old when we lived one year near Aberdeen and visited also Edinburgh. He has visited few years ago in Scotland when he wanted to show to his family those places from his childhood.
You have caught an interesting species - I have never seen it :)