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Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Poplar Hawk-moth

Laothoe populi
 A common hawk-moth, when at rest,the hindwings are held forward of the forewings, and the abdomen curved upwards at the rear. If disturbed it will show the hindwings, which have a rufous patch which is normally hidden. Distributed throughout most of Britain, the adults are on the wing from May to July, when it is a frequent visitor to light.

The larvae feed on poplar (Populus), aspen (P. tremula) and sallow (Salix).
Two of these in the garden this morning bringing the total to three this year.

Showing the Rufous patches on the hindwings


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Moths are having a rotten year, I'm barely seeing any at the windows or in the light. THe swallow tails were early last year, bet they are late this time around

Dave said...

Simon, I too have not seen a Swallowtail yet. Your right the numbers of Moths are right down, surly the weather will now bring them out. First Brimstone and Cabbage moths of the year this morning.