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Friday, 12 June 2015

Eyed Hawk-moth

A lovely new species for the garden with this Eyed Hawk-Moth

Smerinthus ocellata
Wingspan 70-80 mm.

Fairly well distributed throughout England and Wales, this species has a sombre, camouflaged appearance at rest, but if disturbed can flash the hindwings, which are decorated with intense blue and black 'eyes' on a pinkish background.

The adults fly from May to July, inhabiting woodland and suburban localities.

 They feed on sallow (Salix), apple (Malus) and several other trees.


Simon Douglas Thompson said...

Lovely moth, although heaven forbid I've barely seen one bigger than a fingernail this year! Been too chilly.

Adam Jones said...

How far away do you live Dave? Some real crackers you manage to get.

Dave said...

Cheers Simon, I think things are picking up now.

Adam, Poynton High School area, where are you?