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Wednesday, 1 June 2016

Old Man of Coniston

Mike, Steve, Kim, Liz and myself enjoyed a family Bank Holiday weekend of walking, horse racing and music........ Simply Red, Jools Holland, an afternoon of horse racing at Cartmel and a rather strenuous but enjoyable walk to the summit of the Old Man situated in the Southern Fells.

Based in Blawith at the lovely Middlefield Cottage, we set off in glorious sunshine.

Steve, me, Kim and Liz 

and Mike 

The Old Man of Coniston is the 38th highest peak in England and stands at 2,634ft.

We followed a well worn and popular route which started at the Sun Hotel in Coniston village and took the route through the Coppermine Valley via Foul Scrow, Crowberry Hawes, Colt Crag and Low Water.
Leaving the village and passing the first landmark at the Sun Hotel (an essential stopping point on the return to rehydrate)

 Liz , Mike and Steve at Church Beck Waterfall
Looking into the Coppermine Valley
The Coniston Range looms large in the distance
Liz approaching the Slate Mine at Colt Crag

Derelict mine buildings
the track that leads to nowhere
Winch and Pulley.......
no point in taking them down when you abandon the operation.
The Rust in stark contrast to the tonnes of slate discarded over the mountain side.

Looking back down into the Coppermine Valley from the Old Mans Breast
Just about half way, Enjoy the breather!
Climbing on past Low Water.
Just to the far right corner are dozens of people who were tempted to paddle or swim the Tarn.
Coniston village and the famous Coniston Water sits below the range.
its a bit cloudy this high up.....
no amble in the countryside now, the mountain gets steeper towards the summit
Who's that in the daft hat?  the summit Cairn comes into view...... at last
Liz at the top and the two lakes below
Windermere can just be seen towards the skyline and Coniston below

 Group shot!
Where's Mike?.......... behind the camera
Liz and I at the Trig
Incredible scenery
The Fallen cable tower at Colt Crag
Back down to Low Water
its a little busier now as Liz reaches Colt Crag on the way back down
the fallen cables lay across the path
Looking towards the Southern fells from Blawith Common  


Veronica Lee said...

What a curious name and such a cool place for walking. The views are spectacular!

betty-NZ said...

That's some wonderful and interesting scenery! And a very cool name, too.

I'm happy you chose to share your link at 'My Corner of the World' this week!