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Monday, 2 September 2019

Paris 2019 Pt 2 - City tour

Today was easy, get on a bus and get off at a place of interest, get back on and repeat many times.
37 euros each aint cheap, but it works, it takes out the need to waste time getting lost and you don't miss anything. Stop for beer every second stop..... what's not to like?

First stop Louvre

really not sure about these street sellers, this detracts from the wonderful spectacle that this site has, The Arch, the Gardens, the magnificent building, its the Louvre ffs....
Get rid of the tacky lucky lucky men, this isn't a beach front. 

Notre Dame
recently damaged by fire so currently no direct access

street Art stalls along the banks of the Seine

Arc deTriomphe

looking down the Champs Elyse from the Arc de Triomphe

 Eiffel Tower
this is a seriously big structure

That old romantic
if your getting married in Paris you may as well invite every man and his dog to the photo shoot...

the road and traffic puts it into scale somewhat 

when in Rome.....
ahem Paris
Some damn good architecture, its amazing and around every corner


tomorrow we do a bit of art, history and culture in the Louvre

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