Whos keeping an eye on me....

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Goyt Valley - Christmas Walk

It was nice to get out with the family and blow a few cobwebs away from Christmas. We started at Pyms Chair and continued through the Goyt Valley, Derbyshire Bridge and upto the Cat & Fiddle. Myself, Liz, Steve, Kim and Michael.

Pyms Chair

Steve & Liz


Erwood Reservoir


lad and dad...... Steve and Michael


Kim and Liz

Derbyshire Bridge

Michael sees warmth

we see Beer (the Cat & Fiddle)

Derbyshire bridge in Black & White



Tuesday, 2 December 2014

First morning of Winter

Couldn't resist getting a few shots depicting the first day of winter here in the UK. An early start and a short walk to Lyme Park to see the Red Deer. I was rather hoping that I wouldn't have to search to far. As I crossed the moorland sure enough a large flock of stags were evident. This handsome looking fella was first to pose in the dawn light......

an older stag with his Hinds