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Sunday, 22 March 2015

Clouded Drab Orthosia incerta

my first real mothing session of the year brought three Clouded Drabs to the light. Not the most spectacular critter but a variable species shown nicely in these images.

Exceptionally variable throughout its range, this species varies from relatively plain dark forms to well-marked buff and orange individuals. In the darker forms especially, there is usually a distinctive paler fringe to the forewing.

It flies from March to May, and can be found at sallow blossom as well as at light.
Occupying a range of habitats, it is common over most of Britain.
The larvae feed on a number of trees and shrubs, but especially oak (Quercus).
Source UK Moths website


March 20th 2015 - a special day

A short trip with Pete Adshead to Shining Tor to see if the weather would be good to us for the partial Solar Eclipse.  This was due to take place around 08.30am .
Shining Tor.......its a lovely setting to be at anytime of the year

It was very cloudy but right on cue a small gap of blue appeared enabling me to get a couple of shots.

Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Iceland Gull

The Iceland gull is a large gull which breeds in the Arctic regions of Canada and Greenland, but not Iceland, where it is only seen in the winter it does over winter in small numbers in the UK. 

This individual looks to be a first winter bird and was found last week on the North Wales coast.

A morning out with fellow birders Phil and Chris brought ridiculously close views, far better than I would have expected or hoped for.

The leaden grey sky does add a little drama to these first two shots, but also show the incredible detailed plumage extremely well.

Then it got close.... sometimes a little too close. not complaining though.

and my personal favourite shot of the day.......

a great morning with this bird
Life bird # 1233
UK bird # 248


Sunday, 8 March 2015

Wood Mouse and the other residents (March 6th)

This makes we smile...... Wood Mouse -  struggling to pick up a tiny Honey Sandwich

and the now resident Badger


Wednesday, 4 March 2015

Long Eared Owl ...... again

A trip to the other side of the county for a second helping of this fella. This time getting much better views even though the Owl was actually further away than before. Again very very Happy to see such a wonderful species.

The Owl is dead centre in this image

from the image above you can see how much of a crop this is