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Thursday, 29 November 2012

Desert Wheatear

A very late departing Northern Wheatear or something else.

On a cold windy beach in North Wales the finder of this bird certainly made the right choice when he questioned weather it should actualy be here at this time of year or weather it should actually be here.... at all.

Anyway A Desert Wheatear it is!
The Desert Wheatear would normally be migrating from somewhere in western Asia or the Middle East to Saudi Arabia or Africa. How she ended up here could be due to a number of factors: Some say Global warming is having an effect on birds moving even further northwards and out of their normal locations as it slowly gets warmer, some 50 plus birds are seen on our shores each year which is 10 times more than 20 years ago. The probable factor for this individual is that she may have been blown off course in the recent bad storms that have enveloped large parts of the world and ended up 3000 miles away here on a sandy beach.
with a very inquisitive bird like this I am glad I made the effort to record my 
221st UK bird and 776th world bird




She was certainly Lively and was happy to feed close by. Dog walkers and loose dogs didnt even disturb her as she kept returning to the same stretch of beach give stunning poses like these.

Cameras at the ready......  A happy band of Twitchers!

She may try to get back a little nearer home, possibly southern spain, whatever happens I hope our winter is kind to her if she doesnt move on soon.

Sunday, 25 November 2012

Green Woodpeckers

Whilst on route to visit family a whistle stop visit to rspb Burton Mere Wetlands brought me a nice suprise in the car park. a single  Green Woodpecker sat perched on top of the car park gate post but quickly flew to a distant tree, however much closer came a call and the distant bird returned this time flying to another tree that had its partner calling from. I saw both together for a split second before a car disturbed them both. A small band of observers gathered to witness the male feeding on the floor while making a few flypaths.

unfortunatly I didnt have time to see them return and perch any closer

Wednesday, 21 November 2012

A Beautiful bird

Speckled Tanager.
Right outside our guest house at Casa Maria (Venezuela)
she is certainly worth a post for herself


Sunday, 11 November 2012

Waxwing invasion 2012

so it has arrived, and even better fairly close to home. Only a 30 minute drive to an industrial estate in Cheshire. The weatherman had promised clear blue skies however when I arrived it was overcast, wet and very gloomy... immediatly a couple of Waxwings flew from the tree that I had parked nearby. No chance of any photos even if they had stayed. I took the time to watch the Winter thrushes feeding on the berry laden bushes.



There where plenty of other twitchers about who had seen roaming flocks of Waxwings further down the estate, after a short wait the sun came out, the cloud cleared and then they descended onto a nearby tree and spent the next 20 minutes enjoying the sun, inbetween preening and hawking for flys.

wheres all the colour gone?
monochrome Waxy


Sunday, 4 November 2012


This female Kestrel hunted in front of the new hide at rspb Point of Ayr. She caught a few small mammals but chose to eat from a distance, however she did come close enough for these images.



Friday, 2 November 2012

Snow Bunting

A Stunning species
Taken while on a trip to Norfolk where around two dozen birds were giving incredible views although we were using the car as our hide.