Whos keeping an eye on me....

Sunday, 29 March 2020

Hailstone and Sunshine

So, Saturday evening..... no pubs remember.
Liz and myself choose a film to endure, I mean watch! I decided to keep off the Ale this evening and have a wee tipple instead.

A Royal Brackla 16 year old was the chosen one.
Smooooth and mellow. No sharpness at all, sounds like I know what I am talking about, but any how what a lovely dram to chill out to a movie with.

Today is the day when the clocks leap (Lept) forward, less sleep for a night but in return longer days as the Spring gets into full flow.

I managed to make that Soup....... Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato, before going for our exercise (not allowed to call it a walk during these troubled times..... exercise is allowed). Exercised from home to the Anson Museum and back via the local recycling centre, it took over an hour and we were blessed by some lovely sunshine and...... hailstone. I knew these weekends were going to get weird.

Back home to a rather tasty lunch ........ no need to blend it when you like it chunky, found a little garnish too.

Afternoon was spent Drinking the ale that I didn't drink last night and of course I also succumbed to getting on my hands and knees and starting the weeding in the garden. A kind of bitter sweet afternoon.

and the partial gardening that's been done .....
anyway the garden birding has been a little slow, a few Robins followed the spade as I turned the soil..... looking for worms. Greenfinch in good numbers as always and the Coal Tits, Blue Tits and Great Tits nip in and steal the seeds before a mob of Starlings congregate. I can here a few Curlews way off on the moors and a rarity around here flew across the sky this afternoon, I wonder where from and where to.
Back to work tomorrow, stay safe, keep well. 

Saturday, 28 March 2020

Coronavirus - since the pubs shut.

Challenging times, affecting just about everyone world wide at the moment. I haven't blogged for quite a while so as we all have a little more time on our hands I thought it would be good to blog again.

It's a week since the pastime of going to the pub (particularly when you're bored or just need to speak to someone) was stopped by the UK government. So the initial shock has worn off, the garage stockpile of beer is good to last a week or so, Whiskey is never in doubt even if I may have to open a few favs that I was keeping for special occasions or just for rainy days...... oh and my Whisky-me pouches still arrive every month with a rare dram or two that should keep the suspense going for a while. A little promotion for the team here.....https://www.whisky-me.com/

I am lucky for the time being as I am still working Monday to Friday, so boredom has only set in from about 5pm Monday to Friday and weekends. So as an example a few nights ago I just happened to sit on the couch with Liz and got talking..... was very surprised to hear that she was made redundant from Woolworths sometime ago. Funny what you can learn eh.

I have mowed the lawns twice this week already, I haven't succumbed to getting on my hands and knees yet to start the weeding. This morning I watched back to back episodes of Yianni Supercar Customisers..... I don't even like cars. I have a feeling the weekends are going to get weird.

Anyway I have filled up the garden bird feeders, Watched a Blue Tit prospecting one of the nest boxes, listened to a Wren singing outside the conservatory and even had a fox pass through the garden in daylight.

We gain an hours evening light tomorrow so Garden birdwatching will be back on the agenda after a few years of neglect.

Tomorrow I make Soup...... roasted Red Pepper and Tomato.

Just for pictures sake here is a Mealy Redpoll from the garden a few years ago (nine years to be precise)...... it is a picture blog after all