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Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Lempkes Gold Spot - plusia putnamie (gracilis)

 This latest moth here in my garden in East Cheshire is the ssp gracilis which is one of four sub species.
  • Plusia putnami putnami (Nth America, Canada)
  • Plusia putnami barbara (Morocco)
  • Plusia putnami festata (Far East, Altai mountains, Japan)
  • Plusia putnami gracilis (Europe, western Siberia)

  • Adults are on wing from July to August in western Europe and from May to October in the northern parts of North America.
    Here in the UK it is similar to the Gold Spot (P. festucae),  but this species has a shorter, broader forewing with a shorter and broader whitish streak near the wingtip. It is more orange or yellowish, and the two metallic blotches more rounded. It is fairly common in northern England, parts of Scotland and East Anglia, this species prefers a generally damper environment than Gold spot  P. festucae.

    It flies in July and August, coming regularly to light.
    This beauty was caught in the garden on 25th July 2014


    Monday, 21 July 2014

    Lesser Swallow Prominent

    First ever one in the garden, and a lovely species that deserves its own post.



    Saturday, 5 July 2014

    Poplar Hawk-moth

    This is a big beast.......
    only had my first record a few days ago, then the following day I had 3 individuals.


    and just for comparison this is an Elephant Hawk-moth


    The new 125w MV light

    Mothing is now hotting up as is the weather. A new 125w MV light is doing the trick with catches of 200+ moths. Lots of new species are keeping me on my Identification toes.


    Early Thorn

    Scalloped Oak



    Lozotaeniodes formosana

    Chysoteuchia culmella

    Gypsonoma oppressana
    (and only the 2nd ever record from my home count Cheshire)