Whos keeping an eye on me....

Monday, 28 June 2021

Barn Owl

A nice local bird at an undisclosed site. Had a pleasant hour with it last evening, it only flew once probably to strtch its wings and resumed its perch where in nodded off every now and again while keeping alert to the noisy Chiffchaffs that flitted around the same tree.


Tuesday, 22 June 2021

Common Cuckoo

Arriving into the UK a little later than usual the Cuckoo had been scarce on my local walks until recently. A walk with Liz from Bottom of the Oven towards Wildboarclough we spent some time enjoying the spring flowers while a Common Redstart called. A Cuckoo flew directly over my head and out of sight but called for a good while.

I decided to return the next day with my camera and was lucky enough to have it calling again but this time out in the open and flying from wire to wire. 

It was constantly harassed by a number of Meadow Pipits which meant it didn’t stay still for long periods.  

It was good to get a new Moth for my life list with this day flying Mother Shipton. 

Monday, 7 June 2021

Long Eared Owl

A fairly local pair of Long Eared Owls have bred for a second year. This adult has given distant but very good views while hunting late evening. The chicks were noisy and are presumed still on the nest. Fading light and distance never help image quality but this was probably the best I was going to get in the circumstance. A great bird to see, I just need to revisit a few times to see if I can get the pair hunting, or even better the get to see the young hunting before they leave the site.