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Thursday 8 February 2024

My other love...... Adidas collecting

 A secret passion of mine or is it an "expensive illness" of collecting Adidas Trainers 

Here are two of my favorites the Tobacco Wheat 2011 (Art G61578) and the Tobacco Winterpack 2007 (Art 016516), with a lovely matching pair of vintage Peter Black of Keighley, Adidas bags in Brown and Tan

Tuesday 6 February 2024

St Lawrence Church, Rushton Spencer

The church of Saint Lawrence Rushton Spencer (situated on the border of East Cheshire and Staffordshire).

It has an early thirteenth century timber frame housed inside a much later seventeenth century stone building. The wooden tower known as the Chapel in the wilderness is a later addition. 

A church has occupied this remote site since 1206. The East window is dated 1690 while the west door is dated 1713.

Story are told of a boy who perhaps had an affair with his bosses daughter (or wife) died in suspicious circumstances and possibly was buried alive, once the body had been exhumed for examination he was reburied here in the churchyard.

Friday 3 November 2023

Autumn Wildlife close to home...... in SW Turkey

A short trip back to Turkey at the end of Autumn allowed a little Bird and Wildlife watching. Most migrants had already departed, especially around the village and garden. While just a few were remaining in some areas that I visited.

I made a 90 minute trip West to spend an overnight stay in Koycegiz to allow a full days bird watching with a fellow brit around his local patches. We had a descent list but still only managed a few migrants including a single Red-backed Shrike, Orphean Warbler, WhinchatGreat Reed Warbler (new for my Turkish list) , Wood Sandpiper and Broad-billed Sandpiper (also new for my Turkish list). Other good species including Pygmy Cormorant, Water Rail, Marsh Harrier and the very scarce in the these parts with six Northern Lapwing (another species new for my Turkish list), We heard plenty of Peduline Tits but didn't actually see any, also added was an Otter that actually swam under our feet as it passed under the road in a roadside canal and ditch. The following morning I added Zitting Cisticola

The day before this trip I headed 90 minutes East upto the area of Seki and Gocu beli Pass (Alt 1850mtrs). Here I was hoping for Red-fronted Serin but unfortunately I couldn't pin one down. Although the list was small I managed a stunning lifer when I disturbed a Wallcreeper which flew right in front of me only 10ft away. This was in a spot that I often stop at to check for a few species, this is at an altitude of around 1300 mtrs and in the perfect habitat. A place that I must stay a little longer in future to try and get a prolonged view, and who knows even a photo opportunity! at the nearby Seki location I only managed Common Kingfisher, Cormorant, Corn Bunting, Cirl Bunting, Western Rock-Nuthatch and a single Woodlark.

Western Rock Nuthatch

Rock Sparrow

Cirl Bunting

Even further up the mountain I reached Gocu-beli pass that allowed a few hours birding before being disturbed by a large Kangol mountain dog that made me nervous and I decided to head back down to home. Best birds in this area were Red-breasted Flycatcher, Rock Sparrow, a few Sombre Tit, Short-toed TreecreeperSerin, Raven, I heard a few Red-billed Cough and strangely in this mountainous habitat I saw a single Tree Sparrow (new for my Turkish list). 

Sombre Tit

A few days out with the wife to local tourist sites got me Blue-Rock thrush, Little Bittern, Steppe Buzzard, Goshawk and a nice view of nearly thirty Raven circling the crags of Pinara ruins, also a quick glimpse of what can only be a Pine Martin. During the quiet birding there were plenty of reptiles , mostly Agamas and a few Lizard species.

Blue Rock-thrush

Lesser Spotted Woodpecker form my garden balcony

Crested Lark are seen in most areas

Sparrowhawk from garden

A few Agamas (possibly Starred)
 and Lizards (one is possibly Common Wall, not sure about the other)

Lizards (Common Wall?)

not sure which sp

Fryers Grayling

African Monarch

Wall Brown

Caucasian Red Squirrel

Monday 9 October 2023

Garden Moths - Early October

 I havent put the moth trap out since early Spring and dont usually bother after late summer, early Autumn. However keeping an eye on a facebook page for Cheshire Moths, a few folk have been trapping the wonderful Mervielle du jour species. So I though I would give it a go as it would be a lifer.

Highlights of this mornings results:

2 Mervielle du jour (Lifer), 13 Box-tree Moth (including two dark form individuals), 2 Red-green Carpet (Lifer), 2 November moth agg (Lifer), Turnip Moth, 3 Black Rustic, 3 Blairs shoulder Moth, Green-brindled Crescent, Angle Shades, 2 Pale-mottled Willow, Siver y, Pinnion-streaked Snout (Lifer).

Mervielle du jour

Box-tree Moth (Dark forms)

Box-tree Moth (nominate)

Angle Shades

Black Rustic

Red-green Carpet

Light-brown Apple moth

Yellow-line Quaker