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Monday, 23 January 2012

Winter regulars

These little stars are back again in great numbers. The Lesser Redpolls do really well in my garden with numbers reaching a daily average of 25-30 however the peak came a few weeks ago when 37 showed up. They are suprisingly trusting for such a small bird as they sometimes let me edge towards them to get a better shot. These were taken last week in the only day of sunshine I can rememeber this month.

Sunday, 15 January 2012

Foxy Lady

A very nice suprise this weekend as 2 Red Foxes came into the garden for a sunbathe. This is the first time I have seen a fox in the garden during daylight hours.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

2011: The not so regular species of the garden

I think I have got to know personaly some of the birds that frequent my garden. For instance I can look out  of the kitchen window and know that the Housesparrows will be in the shrubs by the patio and that they will spend time fying back and to from there to the eaves under the roof of my house where they live, or the pair of collared Doves that preen each other on the very same branch day in and day out, or the Robin that bounds about under the feeders harrassing the Dunnocks .... of course you met all these in my last post. This post is about the birds that dont stay too long or only come as seasonal visitors. These following birds are the more seasonal or irregular visitors to my garden during 2011..... and those that I was lucky enough to get the camera on!

only shows up a couple of times a year, sometimes with the partner in tow

winter visitor, especially when the cold weather sets in and often whith heavy snow fall.... sometimes its just for the apples whartever the weather.

Greater Spotted Woodpecker
used to make regular family appearances even to the point of bringing the youngsters for play time on the lawn

Lesser Black Backed Gull
usually overhead but can be tempted down with a little bread

Long Tailed Tit
usually just passing through

Mistle Thrush
snow and apples... enough said!

hmm.... my favourite species and the sign of a healthy bird population in and around the garden

Reed Bunting
again another winter visitor and a cool bird to get visit.... was lucky enough the get 3 males all feeding together

Lesser Redpoll
Novemeber through to April in large numbers and a fun bird to watch

Grey Heron
once sat on our roof!

what no water!! this fella stayed a few days

snow and apples... a re-occuring theme

small numbers duringthe winter months

and possibly the highlight.....

Mealy Redpoll
a scarce winter visitor anywhere in the UK.
To have this fella visit for 120+ straight days was very humbling

of course not everything makes it into the digital world... in October a Woodcock made a brief visit to the garden but it simply teased me with its appearance and flew off as I lent over to reach for the camera... alas all but a memory!