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Thursday, 29 January 2015


With the first major snowfall of this winter, as expected some of the winter thrushes have paid a visit this morning. This fantastic Fieldfare sat atop of one of my trees and spent 10 minutes calling. Its a wonderful sound, if you haven't heard it before you can play the call here

this mornings snowfall

Monday, 26 January 2015

At last.......

got a bogey lifer today.

Eurasian Bittern at Budworth Mere. Brief sighting as it walked within the reeds. I thought I had an image or two of a reed bed with a "spot it if you can" Bittern.

Bittern....... yeah right

Anyway in there was a Bittern! "honest Guv"
life bird 1231, UK bird 246
at least this Jay kind of made things a little easier for me
and finally this Cormorant didn't need to eat again for a while after downing this......
now what's for dessert?


Sunday, 18 January 2015

Badger prints

still no joy catching the poorly Fox ( see post below) but got this paw print  in the snow from the  garden this morning from the Badger that has been terrorising my lawn. 


Friday, 16 January 2015

Another Fox in the garden

unfortunately this fella is mite infested. It has Sarcoptic Mange or Canine Mange. The mite responsible is called Sarcoptes Scabiei.

I have had foxes in broad daylight sleeping, but this fella is obviously desperate for food I would think so is visiting known food areas in broad daylight.

I believe there is a free treatment that I can register for that I put in food, its gotta be worth a try.

update*** I have contacted the National Fox Welfare Society who will try and help on this case. I will update with anymore news as and when.

Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Scotland Weekend - Pt 1 Caerlaverock WWT

A mini weekend in Dumfries & Galloway with Phil, Chris and Tom where we would visit a few reserves and concentrate on seeing the good numbers of Geese and Waterfowl.

Caerlaverock WWT would be the first call on Saturday. A first visit for me and the hope of a few life birds as well as bumping up the year list..

The star species in the winter are the Whooper Swans and Barnacle Geese. However a scarce but long staying Green Winged Teal would hopefully stay one more day until I arrived.

First stop was the Folly pool watch tower. A climb to the top a quick scan of the pool and Phil found the Green Winged Teal in the perfect spot. An easy way to bag a lifer. Widgeon, Teal, Shoveler and Black Tailed Godwits were all in good numbers.

The feeding was to take place at the Whooper pond so we quickly changed pools to see the Whooper Swans. 100+ Whoopers as well as over 50 Mute Swans and a male Gadwall were the highlights of this pool. Wild birds they maybe but who can refuse a free handout of grain......

"OK who's idea was it to leave the Tufted Duck as a look out?"
Whooper Swans are a little less graceful than Mute Swans when it comes to feeding.
as the grey leaden skies fill with snow these two Whoopers take off into the incoming storm.
outside along the tracks we were treated to some stunning farmland species
Reed Bunting
a rare break in the poor weather sees Tom and Chris trying to evade the snow showers
The stars of the show..........  Barnacle Geese
6000 of them dotted about the reserve and surrounding fields.
and a leucistic individual that flew in on its own and joined the party
we save just enough time before the light fades to revisit the Green Winged Teal and try for some images.
Trip companion Phil Hampson takes credit for providing me with this great comparison shot of the common Eurasian Teal on the left vs the Scarce Green Winged Teal on the right
then all hell broke loose as the Eurasian Teal attacks
after a few rounds of fighting the Green Winged Teal seen here on the right wins the day..... probably
A lovely reserve with some great birding even if the weather was mixed. Two lifers on one reserve isn't bad going and as one of the lifers was the charismatic Barnacle Goose the day couldn't have been much better.