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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Greenish Warbler

A fairly local twitch this morning for my 226th UK species.

Info picked up via a local area birding group and directions took me and a companion directly to the bird where half a dozen local birders were already on to it.

Although it was calling it tended to sit somewhere in the dense canopy and with fast moving dark clouds above it meant that when it did show it was mostly in silhouette through the bins, the scope gave slightly better detail. However after 30 minutes or so it did play ball and started to sit out in the open to sing, even if it was a little flighty.

The Warbler then came down close to feed from the scrub area beneath the trees giving fantastic views, no images I`m afraid as it flitted in and out of dense vegetation.
The Golf course green keeper had kindly let the twitchers cross the fairway in groups of three to get closer looks...... we patiently await our turn as these fellas enjoy the close up views.

Saturday, 15 June 2013

The Earlybirds - Pt 2.

After the recent post of the young Coal Tits, part 2 is about the Great Tits. These didn't use the nest boxes but did breed in the garden trees. Looks like two of the clutch have fledged and are doing well.


open wide.....

proud parent of two youngsters

the pair patiently waiting

plenty of food in this beak

and not to be out done the Blue Tits are feeding their young

Friday, 14 June 2013

County Cricket

Derbyshire Vs Essex  - Leek CC. 9th July

A lovely afternoon with blue skies and a good sized crowd. Myself and Matty settled down to watch an afternoon of 579 runs

Derbyshire bat first and score their highest ever competitive one day score of 321 - 5 with a great innings from their star overseas West Indian player Shivnarine Chanderpaul who hit an unbeaten 85 runs


well supported by South African Wayne Madsen

Essex bowlers toiled, Graham Napier had little success

Sajid Mahmood did manage 2 wickets

one of the few positive moments for Essex as they toiled in the field

Alex Hughes reaches his fifty

record score

Essex were never really up with the run rate and lost wickets at too regular intervals with the early wickets taken by South African Tim Groenewald and  Mark Turner

although Graham Napier and Mark Petini rallied for a while

With 15 overs left and only 3 wickets all looked lost, even with a late flurry from Essex it wasn't enough and they eventually fell short by 63 runs, finishing on 258 all out
A cracking day with Matty who luckily does enjoy his cricket and managed to stay awake for the entire 7 hours. 

Wednesday, 12 June 2013

The Earlybirds - Pt 1.

After 3 years at last a couple of my nest boxes have been occupied, one of the boxes by the lovely Coal Tits. Last weekend the frantic feeding left the nest box and moved to the ivy covered scrub around the nest box tree where two fledglings were peeking out. This fella looks a little young to be out of the box.....  but he is doing Ok.....

now I am down here, where's my food?

Think I will have to shout 

Ok ..... I'm here

A week later and although still being fed by the parents, they are sometimes feeding themselves.
One of the busy parents

Saturday, 1 June 2013

Finland \ Norway 2013 Pt 4 - Varangafjord

The last part of this series covers our one day stay in Norway.
We stayed in Vadso but did most of our birding in the Vardo area. Vardo in the far east of Varanger, is Norway's most easterly town, located at 31°E, which is even further east than Istanbul.
Unfortunately we didn't have long enough in these locations and if we had planned this trip again we would have added another day here. We dipped a few species and spent a while looking for them, but hey ho if you don't try you don't get. Still some stunning birds on show...
Our first main stop was at Nesseby. Famous for its old white church.
and already sea watching
we did manage Ringed Plover, Dunlin amongst others
and a Short Eared Owl sat on the sand in the bay
but on the pool behind the church we were too early (or maybe they were late) for the Red Necked Phalaropes. We tried the day after and again we missed them.
Although we were confident that we had located Bean Goose in Finland it was nice to nail a few positive IDs and some images here.

then .......

As we neared our base town of Vadso we quickly pulled over as we passed the harbour when we located one of our main target species.... Stellers Eider. We kind of parked the car on the kerbside, we were on a mission, this was one of the reasons for making this huge trek to Norway, no way were we going to give up this chance to get stunning views of the species. I remember counting them but didn't make a note..... I recall 60-70, what a start! A real pity the light was right at us, we couldn't move to the right side.... it didn't matter, this was amazing.


and with the ladies
I couldn't believe how small they are....
Common Eider Vs Stellers Eider comparison
we could have stayed longer with the Stellers but we had time constraints. We needed to book into the hotel and get out on the road again, which is what we did.... straight off to Ekkeroy Island.
Looking from Ekkeroy and towards Vardo
We headed straight to the Kittiwake colony.... what a fantastic place, standing underneath the edge of the cliff face.
c20,000 pairs.....


Purple Sandpipers braved the waves on the rocky foreshore. Ekkeroy has some diverse habitats so from here we went in search of species such as Lapland Bunting, Red Throated Pipit, Shorelark and any Skuas species.....  On the moorland we searched in Vein for the Bunts and Pipits but found Waxwings..... I have never seen Waxwings in a moorland habitat before today.
A pair foraged on the moorland berries and returned to the fence posts.

A single Swallow was seen here, surprising find??? anyway after mulling the whys and wherefores of such a northern Swallow we soon found the Shorelark, a pair.... very active on a long rocky plateau, after watching them for a few minutes we were just about to aim our camera sights when overhead passed our first Skua.....  a quick look up at the Skua and the chance was lost the Shorelarks had flown to the other side of the rocky outcrop, a quick fire shot of the Long Tailed Skua more than made up for the lost opportunity. We were to see good numbers of LTSs later in the afternoon as we drove further east.
a quick stop to try to locate a single White Billed Diver proved fruitless for myself, although Jeff had a possible sighting, trying to relocate it in the 100s of other birds a long distance off shore proved to be fruitless, although I got a nice life bird in this location with Long Tailed Duck in their 100s
We continued east towards Vardo, the landscape became more baron and unforgiving.. but the lagoons and pools that were viewable from the road were littered with Divers, a few Black Throated  but Mainly Red Throated Divers.
of course this is perfect Skua landscape and we were now seeing plenty, Mainly Arctic Skuas
we would see a single Great Skua a little later but still we had time to see plenty of other species including Golden Plover
after some seriously intense scanning of the Guillemot colony at Hornoya eventually we were able to add Brunnich's Guillemot.... Great work here by Jeff.
Puffins were also seen in the water along with more Stellers and Common Eider
White Tailed Eagles were seen in the area in very good numbers, possibly eight individuals


and not to be out done was an incredible scene when we witnessed 4 Rough Legged Buzzards follow each other across the landscape in front of us, we did our best to locate 2 calling Willow Grouse but they kept their heads well and truly down, plenty of other species on the water including 100s of Tufted Ducks, again with more time we may have been able to sneak a Scaup or two, of the Scoter species we were only able to find Common Scoter, a few rafts of these giving counts into the 100s also.

We missed more than a few species whilst here but according to a local birder only a single pair of King Eider were seen in the area and that had been 4 days previous, he had also not seen any Lapland Buntings or Red Throated Pipits, so it looks like we were looking in vein anyway add the Red Necked Phalarope that had not yet arrived and the possible (probable) sighting that Jeff got of the White Billed Diver we didn't do too bad. I wouldn't revisit Finland due to the miles already covered, however I would like to revisit Varangarfjord, possibly flying all the way to Vadso allowing more time in the area....... only thing to do is decide to go a little earlier for the King Eider or a little later for the later migrants...... decisions, decisions!